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Thousands of items are stolen worldwide each year. Most are easy targets and difficult to trace once stolen, with very few recovered. They’re easy to sell on the second hand market, through pawnshops or online. And as the popularity of motorcycles, motorcars and cycling increases Australia wide, unfortunately so does the theft problem.

Track your items

Through the use of mobile Bluetooth technology and crowd GPS security we have developed a theft and protection tracking system that will help you pinpoint the exact location of your stolen items and assist police in the recovery of it. Leash It is the only solution of its kind with an integrated Police and Pawn shop App that assists with recovery. Giving you a better chance of recovering your favourite items

Help others find their items

Not only does Leash It allow you to keep track of the location of your items, if your stolen item comes within 20m of another Leash It user or one of our partner stores running the Leash It App it will be recorded and mapped, and visa-versa. Enabling the whole community to help each other keep track of the known locations of stolen or lost items.

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Hide it

It's really small, water resistent and dustproof and can be hidden anywhere on your item. Download the Leash It app and register your data online.

Flag it

If your item is moved from your leashed perimeter, an alarm will sound on your phone, if your item is stolen flag it and you will be able to track the location and advise the Police.

Track it

If your stolen item comes within 20m of another Leash It user, it will be tracked within the system.

Recover it

Police, Pawn Shops, Retail Stores and other users will use the App to identify, notify and lead to the return of stolen items to their rightful owners.

What set the wheels in motion

Like many of you, we look forward to a great ride every Saturday morning with our mates, followed by an equally great coffee and catch up. It's the perfect end to a busy week.
And from the increasing number of cyclists I see out there, it's obvious, many Aussies feel the same way. From the hardcore triathletes on their bikes several times a week, pounding their pedals to achieve that PB, on dream machines that cost a small fortune, to the recreational cruisers trying their hardest to latch on to a group that'll pull them that much faster up that killer hill towards that well deserved latte.
But recently my bubble was burst when a good mate's baby (I mean bicycle) was stolen literally from right under his nose, outside a coffee shop, never to be seen again. He was devastated. It was his pride and joy. He'd built it from scratch over time. On top of that it was a time consuming hassle, reporting it to the police, chasing insurance, not being able to replace what he'd lost and being without a bicycle for several weeks.
It got me thinking. I looked further into bike theft, saw the rising statistics Australia wide and heard many more similar stories. It got me really thinking. If us cyclists could come together week after week on the road, surely we could come together to combat bicycle theft.
It was then that I began working on the idea of a hidden tracking device that would enable cyclists to pinpoint the exact location of a stolen bike through a social GPS tracking network. A device that would enable our cycling community, together with the authorities, to put a leash on bicycle theft for good.

And there you have it - Cycle Leash was born and now Leash It has grown from it, now protecting everything from your car to your kids.

Instant Mapping.

Allows users to instantly see every time their Leashed device is tracked by a other Leash It user. Anyone using the App will detect stolen bikes from +-20m, making tracking easy.
  • My motorbikebike was stolen, had no way of ever recovering it until now.
    Russell K
  • I was going to buy a massive, heavy GPS tracker, but now I am using Leash It never felt safer.
    Joe K
  • Awesome. love the Leash It perimeter notification. If my bicycle leaves the immediate area I am in it sets off an alarm
    Tony L

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